1. Reiterate that most effective way to help infection is to change basic behaviors.
2. Staying home, cancelling gatherings and avoiding people help curb the spread of the virus.
3. Immediate swift and extraordinary action is required.
4. Fundamental task is to curb the spread. Health services cannot be strained.
5. Next few days are crucial.
6. Decided to enforce lock-down from Midnight 26 March 2020.
7. Will last 21 Days to 16 April

*Categories exempted:*

9. Health workers
10. Emergency personnel
11. Security services
12. Production and distribution
13. Essential banking services
14. Power
15. Laboratory services
16. Hygiene services
17. People will not be allowed to move unless buying food and medical supplies.
18. JSE not affected. Trading continues.
19. Malls and clothing stores to be closed.
20. Those who can operate remotely must do so.
21. Defense force deployed to help police.
22. Public health management programme to perform screening. Initial focus on high density and high risk areas.
23. Centralised treatment for sever cases.
24. Decentralised treatment for mild cases.
25. Resident arriving from high risk countries will face quarantine of 14 days.
26. International flights from Lanseria suspended.
27. International travelers will be turned away.